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    Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Broward
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    Kitchen Remodeling Broward
    primo remodeling

    Welcome to Primo Remodeling

     Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Ft Lauderdale
    Primo Remodeling is a positive company where you can purchase high-end quality material at a very low-end cost from positive people. We import our products ourselves and warehouse it in Miami and Clearwater. We can deliver everywhere in between.
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    Primo Remodeling
    8250 West. State Rd. 84
    Davie Florida 33324 Showroom
    Anthony Fontana 877-966-0996
    Godfather of South Florida
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    Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM

    Saturday 10AM to 4PM

    Sunday Closed

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     Bathroom Remodeling Broward
    Please send in your emails to
    Bathroom Remodeling Davie
    Cabinets In Broward 877-966-0996
    Send us a friend request from Facebook for live specials and events!
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    Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Broward Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Ft Lauderdale
    Bathroom Remodeling Broward 
    Century Flooring Ft Lauderdale Follow these instructions:

    Primo Remodeling has all your products for remodeling! We carry high quality products for a real low price. All products are listed to the left of page. Just click and you can start looking for what you like? Then you can click on contact us, send us your info and we will send you the price lists. Then you can see the price for your products. Email us back what you want and you can pick it up at our warehouse or we can deliver to your house. Delivery charge will apply! If you need kitchen cabinets then you can send us your drawing and we will price it out for you. Click on Kitchen Cabinetry and scroll down to see how to send us your drawing. It is very simple, just follow the instructions. Please put your color on your page because every color is a little difference in price. We give you a 3-D drawing, Floor Plan and breakdown for FREE! Window Treatments just follow the instructions on the Blind page and send us your measurements. Select what type and color of product and email it in. You will have an estimate back that day. Thank you for choosing Primo Remodeling!

    Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Broward How To Measure Your Kitchen: Follow These Steps:

    1. Draw a rough sketch of your kitchen.
    2. Measure every wall, beginning at the left corner, to the far right corner. Write down the total measurement in inches.
    3. Go back and measure from the left corner to the edge of any opening, such as a window or door.
    4. Measure across the opening from outside edge of trim to outside edge of trim.
    5. Measure from that trim edge to the far wall. Go back and total the measurements from steps 3 and 4. They should equal the measurement in step 2.
    6. Mark on your sketch, the exact location of the sink, water & gas lines, wall switch & receptacles, and any other obstructions in the room. Be sure to measure to the center of these and not the edge.
    7. Measure from the floor to the bottom of your windows & mark it down.
    8. Then measure from the bottom of the window to the top of the window. Always from outside edge of trim.
    9. Measure from the top of the window to the ceiling & mark it down.
    10. Measure from the floor to the ceiling. Total the measurements from steps 7, 8, and 9. They should equal this measurement.
    11. If you haven't already, measure the width of any doors, from outside of trim to outside of trim.
    12. Indicate on your sketch how each door swings. (Into or out of the room and which side the hinge is on).
    13. Measure all other walls in kitchen following steps 2 through 12. Measure all walls even if you do not plan to put cabinets on them. (This is important for us to present you with a proper design).
    14. Measure all appliances including stove, refrigerator (including height), microwave, dishwasher & sink.
    15. Double-check your work. These measurements must be 100% correct for your new cabinetry to fit correctly.

    Kitchen Cabinets In Weston
    Kitchen Cabinets Weston How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet For Your Budget:

    First in picking out your cabinets you need to realize what is your budget and what quality can we get for that budget. If you are flipping your house, just get a real wood kitchen that will sell your house the fastest. We work with a lot of real-tors and we know what you need to sell your house. The kitchen is all that is in the house when buying. If you are renting out your house then you should keep your budget the smallest. We all know that when renting out people always destroy your stuff. So keep budget down to minimum. We will give you a full breakdown of what is needed and help you make the right decisions. If you are buying a kitchen and you live in the house, then trick it out as much as your budget will allow. All the colors are different prices so please have colors somewhat selected. Then let the price guide you and the quality of cabinets. Primo means the best and that is what we give you, Best Quality and Best Prices! Call 877-966-0996 for free estimate and appointment. Our In-Home Consultants will take good care of you!

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