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    custom kitchen cabinets
    custom kitchen cabinets How We Started
    Primo Remodeling started teaming up with manufacturers out of the country. We started importing our products about 5 years ago. We started out in laminate flooring and went into baseboards. The deal that we where offering was FREE baseboards 5 1/4" with every floor installed. All we know is that the baseboards where flying out of the warehouse. We were doing so well that we started buying by the containers and bringing in all the profiles. Now we are in the laminate floor business and mouldings. We saw there was not a lot of people in the baseboard market because they where so big to handle. Everybody was happy to get there baseboards from Home Depot until they seen that Home Depot was tripling the money I was charging.
    Sorry Home Depot! Then we went hard into the baseboard market and DOMINATED! Being the business man that I am I see the next thing is KITCHENS. We team up with an importer in Fine Cabinetry and now we have kitchens at an unbelievable cost. Now all my products are way below cost and offering it to the public. I target price with quality and give the best in both worlds. That is how Primo Remodeling came about. Two very big companies together to bring you all your remodeling needs under one roof. We now expanded into many different products. One thing for sure we will give you great service with a great price. Thank you Primo Remodeling
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