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    Kitchen Remodeling Miami

    Beat The HeaT!!!

    Innovative Outdoor Cooling & Design

    Beat The HeaT!!!

    Restaurants & Bars ~ Hotels & Resorts ~ Residential Patios & Gardens Livestock Comfort ~ Theme Parks ~ Pools & Spas ~ Sports Courts Playgrounds ~ Water Features ~ Eye Catcher ~ Outdoor Waiting Areas Daycare Centers ~ Boats of all Sizes

    Residential Applications

    Don’t put those outdoor plans on hold due to high temperatures and fear of heat exhaustion. Our misting kits or professionally installed misting systems will allow you to enjoy the outdoors when the heat turns up. Let us help you create the utmost comfort by cooling your family’s favorite outdoor lounging and playing areas. Keep your family safe and free from flying insect bites and annoyances. Cool that outdoor kitchen or barbecue & dining area. Stop sweating!!!

    Commercial Applications

    Our high quality, durable, commercial misting systems will tame that brutal Spring and Summer heat, eliminate those pesky flies & mosquitoes, and create a mystical look. By creating such a comfortable atmosphere, your customers will be apt to lounge, dine, and drink, for longer periods of time; which in turn will result in increased revenue.

    Mistscaping Applications

    Mistscaping is an exciting way to add drama to your landscape designs. Our misting systems will transform your water features, gardens, pool, and patio areas, from ordinary to extraordinary!

    Patended Technology

    By utilizing the highest quality, 1000 PSI (high pressure) pumps available in today’s misting industry, custom cut mist lines, and patented nickel plated “Ruby” nozzles; a mist made of billions of water droplets as small as five microns is created.

    This ultra-fine mist allows the droplets to “rapidly” evaporate, a process known as “Flash Evaporation”. This results in cooling an area’s ambient temperature up to 21 degrees, while also eliminating most flying insects; without leaving surfaces wet. All system’s water lines available in 3/8” or 1/4" nylon, copper, or stainless steel and are custom designed to fit your needs by you or our professional installers.

    Also available, are our 18” weatherproof misting fans equipped with 3 nozzle mist ring, totally sealed motors, and waterproof components. These can be combined with mist lines or utilized on their own to create misted air flow with 1 fan or as many as needed (most popular systems). Just hose down to clean.

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