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    Wood Flooring Clearwater 10x10 Special Pricing
    View our 10x10 kitchen specials and contact us today!
    Starting at:
    Value Collection is $1499 for 10' x 10' materials only
    Thermo Collection is $1999 for 10' x 10' materials only
    Platinum Collection is $2199 for 10' x 10' materials only
    Gold Collection is $2499 for 10' x 10' materials only
    Stainless Steel Collection is $15,999 for 10' x 10' materials only
    The 10' X 10' kitchen is just that. It is 120" long wall and the other wall is 120" long also. This is a basic condo kitchen with a real simple layout. The appliances are included in the layout of the 10' x 10' kitchen special. It is a L shaped kitchen with base and upper cabinets only. You see the breakdown of cabinetry below, that is what you are getting in a 10' X 10' special. The price is what it would cost depending on the Collection. This is to help you figure out what your price for your kitchen will be. See pics below of the 10' X 10' kitchen. If you send in your measurements we will give you a free floor plan and 3-D color design. Just follow the steps on the front page and or see the sample drawing on the Kitchen Cabinetry page. If you need to understand "How To Assemble Cabinets," it is on the front page, at the top. Just click on link. Also front page is " How To Install Kitchen Cabinets," click on link and just follow instructions. It's all that easy!
    What is offered in a 10 X 10 Kitchen:
    Uppers Bases
    W2130 B27
    W2130  SB33
    WDC2430 EZR36
    W1230 B18
    W3012 TK96 X 2
    Laminate Flooring Weston
    Laminate Flooring South Florida  Special Floor Plan
    Laminate Flooring Plantation
    Laminate Flooring Davie  sink
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