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Indoor Stainless Steel Kitchens and Replacement Doors
    Corrosion and fingerprint resistant stainless steel cabinets for commercial & home kitchens have become a practical, and efficient way to upgrade any kitchen. Another way to spruce up a kitchen is to replace the doors on your present wood cabinets with stainless steel - we can custom-construct doors so they are a "bolt-on" solution for any kitchen. Stainless Steel Cabinets are the most durable solution for any application. Call us to design the solution that fits your needs.
    Laminate Flooring Weston
    Laminate Flooring Davie Outdoor Stainless Steel Kitchens and Grill Doors  
    We can design and construct an entire stainless steel outdoor kitchen, a full grill base, or just replacement doors for your outdoor kitchen. Eliminate old, cracked or warped wood doors with the durability of stainless steel. Easy installation and overlapping frames hide any imperfections. You can also add texture, patterns, totally custom design to your doors; or install glass inserts enabling backlighting to create an atmosphere for your outdoor parties.
    Laminate Flooring Broward
    Laminate Floor Ft Lauderdale Designer Doors and Custom Designs by Anthony Fontana  
    Primo Remodeling's latest innovation is customizable stainless steel doors that can be executed in almost any imaginable way. Either design something yourself, or Anthony Fontana, the award winning designer, can design something that will be unique. Architects or Interior Designers can supply digital files that can be transferred to stainless steel to either create or continue a design concept. We also have texture and wood-grained Stainless Steel available - see the other pages on the website. Call today and discuss your concept with our staff.
     Laminate Floor Broward Our Construction - Quality from Start to Finish  
    With all the choices for the front of your cabinets - slab, glass, patterns, or custom etched design - your creativity is the limit. Cabinet backs are constructed with high-grade brushed stainless steel. No welds or screws are visible to mar the elegance of our doors. All doors are filled with rigid foam to provide a stiff, solid door with no hollow sound when closed. Our best "side" is our corners. Laser welded to provide an unblemished finish. No other manufacturer takes the time or care to finish your cabinets like Primo Remodeling. Now you can design a custom stainless steel cabinet and pay "off the shelf" stock prices.
    Kitchen Remodels Weston A New Art Form Created in Stainless Steel  
    Primo remodeling is creating lasting impressions with its artist-designed etched stainless steel cabinetry doors. The innovative collection provides a new creative outlet for artists and designers alike, taking art off the wall and blending it into cabinetry for interest and intrigue! The designer, artist, or homeowner can simply send your idea or graphic to Primo and the company will custom-etch your signature work of art onto your selection of stainless steel cabinetry door fronts, or any exposed area of the cabinet. And voila . . . your cabinets are not only stainless steel strong; but also easy-care, and fingerprint resistant works of art.
     Kitchen Remodels Plantation Stainless Steal Kitchens Signature
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